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Why Zocial Eye ?

ZOCIAL EYE can cover all online platforms. Giving you the understanding about your customers as well as your competitors. The tool also provides a matching function which can suggest the right influencer(s) for you. Significantly, ZOCIAL EYE will help you understand your own brand better, so that you can create more touching campaigns that match with your targets.

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Our Features

Getting to know more about features

Better and Unlimited Keywords

What ZOCIAL EYE can do is not only detecting keywords in the messages, but it can also track those keywords appeared in the links, hashtags, and photos with unlimited keywords.

  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Tracking keywords
  • Tracking keywords in links
  • Tracking keywords in hashtag
  • Tracking keywords in photos

Smart A.I.

We invent our own high technology artificial intelligence in order to understand social data efficiently.

  • Data processing
  • Tracking keywords or logos appeared in the photo (Social Seeing)

Automated message filtering and categorizing

This function can automatically go through messages and categorize them to make it well-organized according to your objectives.

Hyper localization

The tool that supports local services and variety of local languages in Asia-Pacific.

  • Thai
  • Malaysia
  • Burmese
  • Singapore

Various types of data

You can view various types of data and its different angles for better understanding.

  • Share of Voice
  • Engagement
  • Sentiment
  • Word Cloud

Multiple View

ZOCIAL EYE can display findings in many formats for your understanding in different contexts and occasions.

  • Comparison View
  • Campaign View
  • Trend View


ZOCIAL EYE can be set to notify you what’s going on and what are the trends in social media so that you wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Data has the highest security system with AWS world-class service.

And much more..
  • Multiple channel support
  • Multiple language data sources
  • 100+ visualisation
  • Dynamic filtering
  • Build-in Sentiment analysis
  • Customise sentiment system
  • Backward data collection
  • Near Realtime data collection
  • No installation required
  • Flexible matching condition
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Automation tagging
  • Multiple format exporting
  • Multiple view support
  • Multiple account layers support
  • Mobile Support
  • Fast response
  • Specific account tracking support
  • Daily email update
  • Multiple label support
  • User Gender information tagging
  • Location analysis
  • Word cloud

ZOCIAL EYE is great for

Brand Manager
To monitor brand image, the perspective of industry movement and trends.
Product Manager
To use opinions for product development in order to meet target consumers’ expectations.
PR Manager
To improve the efficiency of target selection with evaluation.
Marketing Analyst
To find new opportunities for sales promotion.
Strategic Planner
To use opinions as supporting ideas for strategic decision.

Start analyzing data with ZOCIAL EYE now

to make yourself truly understand your customers.