Wisesight Metric

criteria base on market data

We understand the market status competition and overview which allow us to accurately compare the data by using the expertise of our analysts to discover the data pattern to find the standard criteria on social media.

Real big

Standard criteria from the large database.


Compare the industry and clearly see the benchmark.


Cover all perspective including own and generated content.

Always updated

It’s dynamic and constantly updated.

REAL standard
standard criteria on social media


The brand evaluation on social media to see the brand’s communication efficiency and reputation by using the data from the brand itself and social voice on the main channel which are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


The influencer’s content creating efficiency evaluation to make the brand or agency able to efficiently use the influencer through the 3 main cores which are consistency activity, followers base and engagement base. The score will come from calculating all data by using norm-referenced scoring. This method will make the score dynamic and constantly update. ​

Online PR Score

The PR efficiency evaluation of the brands or campaigns. The formula is specifically invented to fit with the nature of online PR. Therefore, it is full of logics and can help in developing the strategies through the 3 main cores. The first is publisher score. Is publisher good enough?. The second is content score. Is the content efficient enough?. The third is audience score. What are the opinions of the audience? >> Expand : Graphics show metric


P90 is the engagement comparison line which comes from analyzing all data to see the overview of the landscape to see the data distribution and find the comparison line that is suitable with the data type. The line which will make you the top of the industry is P90 line.