WISESIGHT Exclusive Analysis of FB Stats for Brands in Myanmar

WISESIGHT Exclusive Analysis of FB Stats for Brands in Myanmar

Facebook continues to be an essential tool for the businesses to amplify its Brand but also to build trust, credibility and consumer relationships. According to 63% of consumers who search for businesses via Facebook, they are more likely to utilise the service or purchase products from Brands that have the most informative social media presence especially on Facebook.

More than thirty percent of Myanmar’s population are using Facebook. The internet penetration in Myanmar has increased dramatically. It is now time for us to stop looking at social media as just an advertising platform for businesses but as the day-to-day activity for everyone seeing as digital connectivities help improve people lives.

We discovered interesting statistics in Myanmar market as below:

  • Average page likes have increased to 0.10% and hit 400K per brand page monthly

  • The engagement rate for Facebook posts of all types has increased by 6.80%, reaching 388.3 average engagement per post especially on Tuesdays.


  •  Photo became the the most popular format for Brands, however the most engaged form by consumers was Video.

  • While Brands usually posted the most on Tuesday and Thursday, the majority of consumers reacted to brands’ posts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

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