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from social voices.


Why Warroom ?

WARROOM helps you take care of your precious customers from all social media platforms with one stop service user friendly tool and helps you become closer to your online customers. Be sure that you will never miss any messages and also acknowledge when someone mentions to your brand by using keywords.
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Case closing for clients is 400% faster after using WARROOM for 2 months.

Our Features

Getting to know more about features

Customizable Workflow

Because each organization has different working styles. This is the reason why we designed WARROOM to be flexible. It has many functions which can support different work types so that you can customize it by yourself.

Warroom - Customizable Workflow
Warroom - Smart A.I.

Smart A.I.

You will not miss any important posts because WISESIGHT’s smart A.I. will analyze messages and inform WARROOM instantly whenever it detects what you are interested in.


WARROOM can be connected with Chatbot. This function can help you support a large number of customers by replying to the frequently asked questions without wasting your staff effort and time.

Warroom : Chatbot
Warroom : Data Coverage

Data Coverage

WARROOM can track all messages with your customized keywords so that you can take care of your customers without delay.


WARROOM will notify you via email or other well-known chatting applications. You can also configure notifying condition as you want in order to make it related to your organization.

Warroom : Alert
Warroom : Real-time Tracking

Real-Time Tracking

WARROOM swiftly retrieves messages to make you enable to respond to any issues or suggestions round the clock.


WARROOM can appoint different authority for your team members. No more errors from account switching between the brand’s official account and the personal one.

Warroom : Security
Warroom : Report


WARROOM records everything so we can calculate those significant records and create insightful reports in order to analyze your team performance or customers’ issues right away.

System Integration with Lead CRM

The system has a connecting function that can support the leading CRM systems in the market such as Salesforce, Zendesk, or Freshdesk. You can also customize it in order to fit with your CRM.

Warroom : System Integration with Lead CRM
Warroom : System Integration with API

System Integration with API

You don’t have to make a choice between WARROOM and your original CRM. What you have to do is simply connect them together via designated API. Then, you can strengthen your CRM from your desired functions with WARROOM.

And much more..

WARROOM is suitable for

Marketing Manager
To decrease misconception of communication in marketing incidence.
CRM Manager
To increase the efficiency of CRM management and form good relationships with your customers.
PR Manager
To work customers’ issues out, reassure them, and prevent future crisis.
Customer Support
To provide fast and convenient customer services which are customers’ complaints, suggestions and solutions to fix issues.

Connecting your online platforms with WARROOM now

to take care of your precious customers.