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Wisesight trend is designed to share the most engaging content across social media platforms round the clock

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Updated 26 Industry movement trend within 24 hours

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overview all social-media content in single web

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With over 100+ interesting contents everyday , Trend will provide you real-time update via over 20 millions messages within Thailand , with various Trend in social media you will not miss once you login .

realtime updated

Our system searches and detects keywords that are getting netizens’ attention during a specific period of time. Then, this set of keywords are used to gather data from our database and rank them according to engagements.

voice of sharing on multi platform & country

Showing top trends that people from all-over Thailand pay attention to, precisely measuring with engagement from Social Media users.



Hashtag cloud provides you the hashtags that are relevant with what you are interested in so that you can find more valuable data. Still need idea for what past few week content are now gone viral .

latest updated & engage

Daily trend, it can tell you what is happening and who is mentioning about you. The diagram shows track live daily messages and messages by channel with specific time period Top content will help you to find highest content in past period of time with available time frame from specifics period of time with specific use case of time-frame may idealization your content idea .
Specific time period is as follow.

Real-time filter update


KEYWORD filter WS Trend will available user to selected what they want to see within 24 .hour or lasted post on top social with real-time topics prefer by latest or by engagement , You can enjoy to find out more idea of content in specific keyword filter detection via our social listening tools called Zocial Eye

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