Thais and Instagram (the latest photo sharing service in the social media world)

The adoption of Instagram in Thailand has taken off and looks to keep climbing with over a hundred thousand users. This social media habit that extended from the highly popular adoption of Facebook has recently seen over 11 million photos uploaded in Thailand. Thailand’s top movie star, Ploy Cherman, has the most Instagram followers.

Today, the highly popular Instagram has become a must have application for all smartphones. It’s ability to instantly share photos with friends and followers whenever and wherever, plus allow LIKES and COMMENTS from viewers have been widely adopted, especially by Thai teens and celebrities. Celebrities and movie stars post photos of their lifestyle for their fans and followers to enjoy creating the latest trend. This new social network service has only been around for less than two years and was recently acquired by Facebook for over 3 billion dollars.

Social media monitoring web site,, recently measured this latest trend and on May 8, 2012 revealed that Thai Instagramers have reached 154,591 users. Over 11 million photos have been posted averaging about 100 photos per user with the top uploader uploading 7,000 photos. Ploy Cherman (@chermarn)  tops Thailand’s Instagram in followers with over 300,000 followers. Following closely in second is another of Thailand’s top actress Aum Patchara (@aum_patchrapa) and in third Boy Pakorn (@boy_pakorn), another popular actor.
Interestly, 9pm seems to be the popular time for sharing Instagrams and the most popular filter used is the “X-Pro II”, however, photos with the “Valencia” filter received the most LIKES. Filter is a funciton in the Instagram application that allows users to create effects on photos before posting them to share.
Thailand’s complete Instagram ranking can be found at and if you want to search your own ranking simply use the SEARCH function.


Top 10 Thai Instagramers with the most Follower


No. Instagram User Follower
1. @chermarn 311,854
2. @aum_patchrapa 308,756
3. @boy_pakorn 267,889
4. @chomismaterialgirl 226,515
5. @vjwoonsen 224,918
6. @opalpanisara 195,490
7. @toeyjarinporn 191,592
8. @khumfour 180,931
9. @margie_rasri 178,774
10. @peakpattarasaya 175,873

more info at

* (data from May  8, 2012)


Top 10 Instagram Filter Used by Thais


1  X-Pro II   13.32%
2  Rise   13.20%
3  Lo-fi   10.79%
4  Amaro   9.98%
5  Hudson   7.63%
6  Earlybird 7.37%
7  Valencia 6.32%
8  Hefe 5.92%
9  Sierra 5.54%
10  Nashville 4.74%



Top 5 Receiving the most LIKE by  Thais Instagram Filter

  1. Valencia
  2. Sierra
  3. Walden
  4. Earlybird
  5. 1977




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