The 8 th Thailand Zocial Awards 2020 to recognize theoutstanding social media professionals ended successfully and spectacularly. It was the grandest social-media event and to give awards to brand, influencers and outstanding entertainment business. Under the concept of SHIFT: Make it Shift, the award winners were those who elevated their social-media works to the next level. Many well-recognized online Guru from various business circles took part inour WISESIGHT METRIC Update employing AI and Data Science to assess top performers in each social media circle. Serving as the MCs at the event were Bam Pitipat Kootrakul and Na Nek Ketsepsawat Palakawong. The event took place on February 29, 2020, at KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Center of Performing Art, 7 th Floor, Siam Square One.

According to Kla Tangsuwan, Chief Executive of WISESIGHT (Thailand), said “The upcoming 8 th Thailand Zocial Awards will comprise many highlights and increased substance. We aim to take the application of social media to the next level such that it becomes more creative and efficient. The aim corresponds to our concept of SHIFT: Make it SHIFT. Social media has been with us for more than ten years, and there has been a significant growth of new data and rapid changes. As such, the time has come to de-emphasize the application of traditional social media, embrace new ideas, and keep up to current trends. Also, we must become more responsive to new platforms, especially ones that relate to membership application service. And market trends indicate an increasing number of businesses moving toward such service. Are Thai professionals ready? That is the reason why we invite everyone to make a SHIFT. Furthermore, we have updated the awarding criteria to become more reflective of the usage of social media of Thai consumers. For example, the strength of a given brand must comprise a substance that is appealing to consumers and influencing them to shift preference to the brand. Also, there will be more awards available for new businesses that have promising potential for data growth.”

Several prominent online Guru in Thailand participated in the event using ‘WISESIGHT METRIC’ as the assessment tool. Under BRAND GROUP and INFLUENCER GROUP, it is an honor to welcome the following Guru: Professor Witawat Rungruangphon-Academic Marketer from Thammasat University, Apisilp Trunganont-Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of, Surasak Lhueng-u-sakul-Founder of BrandBaker, Pongpiti Phasukyud-Founder of Ad Addict, Saroj Laohasiri-Chief Marketing Officer of Rabbit Digital Group, Mantita Chinda-Vice President of Digital Marketing of Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited, Yutthana ‘Pa Tet’ Boonaom – Chairman of GAN 555 Company Limited, Chalakorn Panyashom-Chief Executive Officer Digital TV of Workpoint Entertainment Public Company Limited, and Vichian Rukpaisarn-Founder of Genie Records.

There were 179 awards that get divided into five groups. The five groups are

  1. Best Brand Performance on Social Media Award
  2. Best Performances on Social Media by Platform Award
  3. BestEntertainment on Social Media Award
  4. Best Influencer on Social Media Award
  5. Special Award.

The Winner of each award group are as follows: 

1. Best Brand Performance on Social Media (81 Awards) 

  • Airlines: Air Asia
  • Automotive: Mitsubishi Motors
  • Banking: KBank
  • Beverage-Alcohol: Chang World
  • Beverage: Oishi Drink
  • Building and Design Material: SCG Brand
  • Chain Restaurant: KFC
  • Consumer Electronics: Samsung Thailand
  • Cosmetics: Bobbi Brown
  • Dairy Food Product: Nestlé Ice Cream Thailand
  • Delivery Service Provider: Thailand Post
  • Dessert & Beverage Café: Swensen’s
  • E-Marketplace: Shopee
  • Financial Service (Non-Bank)): Krungsri First Choice
  • Gold and Jewelry: Aurora Design
  • Government & State Enterprise: Amazing Thailand
  • Home & Office Appliance: LG
  • Home Furnishing Retailer: Homepro
  • Hospital: Bumrungrad International
  • Hypermarket & Supermarket: Tops Thailand
  • Insurance: Muang Thai Life
  • Mom & Baby: S-26
  • Personal Care: Sunsilk
  • Property Developer: Singha Estate
  • Shopping Mall: The Mall
  • Snack & Sweets: Taokaenoi Club
  • Telecommunication: AIS

2. Best Performances on Social Media by Platform (10 Awards)

  1. Facebook
    • Best use of Facebook Family of apps: Samsung Thailand
    • Best Mobile First Innovative: Pepsi
    • Best Mobile First Video: Wacoal
  2. Pantip
    • Best Brand Performance on Pantip (Fast response): AIS
    • Best Brand Performance on Pantip (Highest Quality): DDproperty
    • Best Entertainment Performance on Pantip (Actor): Urassaya Sperbund
    • Best Entertainment Performance on Pantip (Artist): Peck Palitchoke
  3. Twitter
    • The Most Talked About Brand on Twitter: AIS
    • #TrendStarter on Twitter: Peck Palitchoke
  4. YouTube
    • Best Brand Performance on YouTube: Samsung Thailand

3. Best Entertainment on Social Media (39 Awards)

  • Actor: Nine Naphat
  • Actress: Bella Ranee
  • Duo or Group Artist: BNK48
  • Male Artist: Peck Palitchoke
  • Female Artist: Gam Wichayanee
  • Song: Chob Bab Nee by ToeySabangbin
  • MC: NoomKanchai
  • Thai Movie: Where We Belong
  • Thai News Program: Rueng Lao Chao Nee
  • Thai Series: KrongKam
  • Thai TV Program: The Rapper 2
  • Online Program: Tamjaitood
  • Podcast: The Secret Sauce

4. Best Influencer on Social Media (48 Awards)

  • Automotive: XO Autosport
  • Beauty: Sabadprang
  • Cooking: Mheememhor
  • Environment: Pearypie
  • Family & Senior: TaYaiSornLarn
  • Financial: Longtunman
  • Fitness & Health: Bebe Fit Routine
  • Food & Dining: Starvingtime
  • Gadget & Tech: LDA – Ladies of Digital Age
  • Gaming: Zbing Z.
  • Lifestyle: KaykaiSalaider Channel
  • Parenting & Kids: Chujai Family
  • Pet: Gluta Story
  • Social Critic: the finalists were Underbedstar and ejeab
  • Travel: I Roam Alone

5. Special Award (1 Award)

Nuch (A name of Peck Palitchoke Fanclub)