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Why Research ?

RESEARCH that specifically analyzes social data for your business by professional analysts who have lots of experiences. You can check your brand’s image or evaluate your campaigns on social media with in-depth analyzed data provided. Therefore, you can apply the information from your RESEARCH for efficiency strategy making.

Research Samples

Getting to know more about reports

Brand Health Check

For checking Brand image on social media platforms, whether it be Brand Awareness or Brand Satisfaction.

Campaign Tracking

For measuring how successful your marketing campaign is, in terms of numbers and customers’ opinions.

Influencer Report

For observing social media influencers efficiency and helping the brand to find the trend, so that the brand can apply the result to find and select the appropriate and worthy influencers.

Combined Report

For obtaining deep data which are precise and comprehensive by integrating data from offline and online sources together.

Discovery Report

For discovering new ideas and insights of targets and consumers, in which the brand has never acknowledged before.

Crisis Report

For helping the brand to understand and be able to efficiently solve the crisis in time by using the right direction.

Public Relations Research

For measuring the efficiency of public relations and media usage of the brand.

Content Analysis

For analyzing work measurement of the content that the brand has created and released. It can also be used as a guideline for adjusting your content plans to match with your target audiences.

Research is suitable for

Brand Manager
To monitor brand image.
Product Manager
To improve brands’ products to meet customers’ demands and expectations.
PR Manager
To improve the target group selection including online media evaluation.
Marketing Analyst
To find new opportunities for increasing sales.
Strategic Planner
To use opinions to strengthen strategic planning decision-making.

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