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RESEARCH gives you an in-depth tailor-made analysis of social data by professional analysts experienced in a wide range of industries in order to make better business decisions.

Reduce in-house research and development cost

Get precise analysis for your business questions

Include standardized measurements and frameworks that are designed specifically for social media marketing

Receive research on time for your every usage

Research Samples
Insight Exploration

Brand Analysis

Understand your market and competitors’ situations, strengths and weaknesses, customer satisfactions.

Product Analysis

Understand your product feedbacks to explore ways to improve your product features.

Discovery Analysis

Seek answers from nonspecific business question e.g. consumer behaviors, target segmentations.

Reputation Analysis

Analyze consumers’ perception and impact by comparing networks to know the person’s positioning and influencer power.


Campaign Analysis

Measure your marketing campaigns, from performances to customers’ opinions.

Influencer Analysis

Measure influencer efficiency and discover trends to select the right influencers.

Online PR Report

Measure the efficiency of public relations and media usage.

Zocial Metric Report

Measure brand communication performance across main social media platforms using WISESIGHT METRIC.

Content Analysis

Measure your content marketing and identify successful factors for your content strategies.

Social Performance Report

Measure branded content performance by benchmarking with other brands in the industry.

On Demand

Daily Summary Report

Summarize all necessary information to measure and improve operations productivity.​

Trend Report

Capture trending topics in the market to better understand its demand and interest.

Research is suitable for

Brand Manager

To monitor brand image.

Product Manager

To improve brands’ products to meet customers’ demands and expectations.

PR Manager

To improve the target group selection including online media evaluation.

Marketing Analyst

To find new opportunities for increasing sales.

Strategic Planner

To use opinions to strengthen strategic planning decision-making.

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