(July 16, 2018; Bangkok) In emphasizing the company’s leadership in social data analysis, Thoth Zocial OBVOC announces the rebranding under the new trademark WISESIGHT as part of the plan to penetrate international markets and become Asia Pacific (APAC) leader in data analysis.

Kla Tangsuwan, Chief Executive Officer at WISESIGHT Company Limited revealed “In addition to having successfully increased our strength in technology and personnel potential by uniting Thoth Zocial and OBVOC, we have put our values and focuses on our corporate culture which is a driving force of the organization. We must admit that time is a much-needed component for both companies to adopt the changing cultures, we can now say that, after this one successful year, Thoth Zocial OBVOC is one harmoniously united company with the aim to be APAC leader in data analysis. There’s no better time to announce our complete united forces and rebranding under the new trademark WISESIGHT.”

The merger of two companies has created the new character that perfectly reflects both brands’ images and directions as one, under the meaningful name WISESIGHT. The first letter of the brand WISESIGHT – W was chosen as the new logo to boost brand image and recognition together with the vivid Scarlet to represent visions with leadership, strength, bravery and acceleration on the circular shape background symbolizes a watchful eye that see through the endless social data with perfect precision. The aesthetic design leads the eyeline from left to right signifying the systematic analysis of the vast data pool that results in visible intelligence trusted by the clients in critical decision making which is the brand’s core value, treasured as the precious gem, is represented by the diamond shape at the top right of WISESIGHT’s W logo.

WISESIGHT offer four major services in accordance with market demands including

1. WISESIGHT INSIGHTS to assist in planning of communication and marketing strategies with meticulous points and precise target groups, rapidly and accurately analyze the markets and consumers while keeping an eye on competitors with Zocial Eye, Metric, and Research; 2. WISESIGHT CRM to assist the organization in creating the best customer experience, with the team and tools like Warroom and Monitoring, that can engage consumers in real time to solve issues, provide answers, and build long-term relationships;3. WISESIGHT CONVERSION is the service that truly answers to the insight demands of the target groups via individualized in-depth data collection to help create new business opportunities and proper planning of communication strategies as well as designing campaigns to collect additional information for further analysis and more accurate segmentation and targeting strategies to help design greater brand experience which lead to brand loyalty and 4. WISESIGHT ACADEMY to assist those interested in improving the capacity and potential of social data analysis via training courses in social data analysis and tools utilization.

Pnern Asavavipas, Chief Operating Officer, further explained, “We have expanded to international markets since early 2017 with WISESIGHT Malaysia as the regional hub lead by Shakthi DC Regional Director continued to grow uninterruptedly in regional markets of APAC with Hyper Localization strategy which consists of three major strengths;

  1. Technology – our new sourcing system has been designed and refined to collect hyper localized voices at big data scale.
  2. Language – we work with local people in different markets to adjusted the entire system, in both technological and operational aspects, in order to surpass the complexity of languages which is the key to gain more accurate insights and increase the potential of social data analysis. We are now supporting all major official languages in the region.
  3. Culture – we believe in hiring locals with insights and better understanding of each unique culture to help archive effective and timely penetration of target market.

In addition to expanding to APAC market, WISESIGHT plans to share its extensive experiences and strength in social data analysis via the newly launched WISESIGHT ACADEMY with training courses in social data analysis co-organized by BINARY Institute by Suponchai Keeratikajohn with the institute’s specialized expertise in digital technology for business and social media under the corresponding vision to create specialists with ability to efficiently and creatively utilize the data. Keep up on happenings and news or register to upcoming sessions at www.wisesight.com.”