A Professional crisis management Solution that helps

Customer Service Public Relations Brand Manager Marketer

to manage take care engage customers on social media

Why Monitoring ?

MONITORING is the professional crisis management assistant in online Official Account management. MONITORING will help you reduce the time spending on admin’s repetitive task. You will be able to quickly reach your online customers, help solving problems, providing information, improving the relation, monitoring the Crisis as well as closing the deal in order to increase your brand’s market value.

The number of sentimentalized data by our team and sent to our customers for using
The number of Monitor Response (by human)
The number of successful Response by Chatbot
The number of users who chat in Chatbot system

Daily Summarization

Tracking every issue that related to you on Social Media then summarize and conclude the collected data into a daily summary. It contains Positive & Negative feedback from users, type of mentions and your perspective.

Monitoring : Daily Summarization
Monitoring : Crisis Alert


Watching over, alerting and conducting a report of your brand’s negative issue that become the talk of the town on social media in order to solve the problem in time and prevent the crisis eruption.

Response Services

Acting like an administrator and providing services for brands’ customers whether it is informing the information, solving the problem or closing the deal in every channel of Brand Official Account.

Monitoring : Response Services
The MONITORING CRISIS MANAGEMENT service is suitable for
PR Team
To maintain Brand Image and help following news, information and advertisement which is published online.
Sales Team
To improve the online sales effectiveness by chatting, instructing or providing a product information as well as seeding.
Branding Team
To know that what is the major opinions about products and services. Feedbacks can be used for adjusting the strategy to reach its full potential.
Marketing Team
It can check the feedback before, during and after the campaign launching to understand the situation in order to determine the direction, adjust the plan, evaluate set KPI and use feedback to improve the following campaigns.
Customer Service Team

Check the feedback, advantages, disadvantages, products and services that need improvement on social media

Answer questions and solve the problems in time.

Support Customer Service’s assistant team to help answering the brand’s customers about all basic information.

Help Customer Service answers Frequently asked questions with Chatbot system.

Know the situation on social media today with MONITORING

to solve customers' problems in time.