artificial intelligent to market insight

Wisesight A.I. create the new insight from big data to generate value for client in multiple way of possibilities to build market understanding

Easy to use

Everyone can use without AI knowledge

Artificial Intelligence

Use the power of AI and Machine Learning

Extract information

You will get more insights

Support all type

Apply to both Text and Image

A.I. NOW FEATURE as kirin in platform


Use your own data to create your own model with the help of the custom AI. The AI will nullify the bias on the data make the result highly precise, and neutral. It is also saving your time, reducing human error.

Logo Recognition

Find mentions by searching your logo in images and also detect visual mentions of your brand to create the brand awareness of your brand and organization. Moreover, you will know the location and place that your brand is mentioned. This will increase your data coverage and also help the agency to compare the voice of each brand.Increase the data coverage from the messages in images to get more data from the images.


Know more about your audience by using AI to predict the age and gender of the audience. The AI will predict the age and gender from the elements in the images to increase the insight you get from the data and also help to find the interest from the age and gender.


Increase the data coverage from the messages in images to get more data from the images.

Object Detection

Increase the data coverage in the aspect of the image on social media. It will tell us what is in the images and what is the location in the images. You can also see which object is often posted together and what object in the images make it popular. It also helps in content analysis.