Senior Machine Learning Engineering


  • Working with large and complex datasets, comprising but not limited to, social media texts, images, and geo-locations.
  • Developing and evaluating AI models for different use cases in a continuous delivery environment.
  • Designing new dataset and preparing data for new applications.
  • Extending and maintaining AI automation in the organization.
  • Mentoring other engineers on the team and up-level them on applied product ML skills.


  • Applicants from every training background are welcome (our team has people from anthropology, computer science, industrial engineering, and linguistics training).
  • Strong machine learning knowledge, including deep neural networks, classification techniques, computer vision, natural language processing.
  • Good understanding of the practical aspects of ML.
  • In-depth knowledge of deep neural networks, classification techniques, computer vision, natural language processing
  • Fluently able to explain how your code/model is working and why you designed it this way.
  • Python, basic regular expression, and basic SQL is preferred.
  • Experienced in computer vision and natural language processing
  • Experienced in machine learning framework: Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, etc.
  • Experience with Unix-based server and cloud platform management (AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Experience in software development with a virtual environment and or container like Docker or Python’s venv

Some qualifications are missing? Fine! If you:

  • Have a positive mindset.
  • Open for feedback.
  • Keen to self-manage and develop your own learning path.

— we would like to hear your story


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