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Quick Analyze

Easily evaluate the improvement of your social media and make it outstanding by free tools from Wisesight. Create an easy report which can be easily comprehend from both creator and advertiser side to easily put it into practice. 

Social as Portfolio

WISESIGHT helps you do an evaluation on your social media easier by One-Click Report system which allows you to easily create a data summary in just a few clicks. Therefore, you can use this data to easily enhance your social media and immediately answer the business needs from more than 10 topics which allows you to immediately gain the benefits from.

11 Insightful 1 Click


Profile Score

Calculate your score with the Wisesight’s system in the chosen period between 7 days and 30 days along with transforming your data to compare with the influencers to immediately measure the potential of your social media.

Total Performance

Measure your profile effectiveness by using the efficiency measurement from the interaction between your fanpage. This will display the growth in various period relying from the international trusted measurement standard.

Most Reactions

Collect the important data and display it to reflect your channel images in your fans view in the easy-to-understand format for sending to your partner.

Emoji Reaction

This is a part of the reflection on your social media characteristic. Would it be better if we can analyse what is your fans thought on your currently running social media into an easy-to-understand data in just one click.

Peak Time

Summarize the relation between the posting and interaction which your channel has to make social media owner can understand the viewer easier.


Easily understand the overall fans image of your channel and can forward and make this data easy-to-access for the one who want to use it in finding advertisement.


Display the user group to see your viewers pattern of interaction in each interest through the context of the real location outside the social.


Display the viewer's interest to your social media channel through the interest classification following the category relying from the social media platform. 

Tagged Locations

Easily use the context of the location as the indicator for the interest of your channel through the tagging behavior in various locations. This will help you analyse the relation between your content and the favorite location of your viewers.

Top Performance Posts

Bring the most popular post and display it in your report to make easy-to-access and can develop it into the content which get more attention from the people on the platform in the future.

Audience Word Cloud

Gather all messages in your channel then analyze it into the most mentioned unique characteristic in the form of keyword to make it easy for creating the content and make a decision to analyze.