A social data consulting service that helps

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to strengthen empower improve generate ideas for

strategies with social data

Why Consulting ?

To unleash the power of social data, we provide a tailor-made social data analytics consultation to help you build your social data analytics team, increase agility and reduce the communication gap, as well as integrating social data into your whole work process in order to move towards a data-driven business.
WISESIGHT - Consult : In-house social data research team

In-House Social Data Research Team

A team of Data Research Consultants sit-in at your office (up to 4 days/week or as per agreement).
Deliver a wide range of research that meet your objectives.

Consultation on Social Data Analytics

Design and conduct execution plans to achieve social-data-related goals, for instance, driving your working team(s) to become more familiar with social data analysis.
Provide corporate trainings or workshops for your working team(s) to be equipped with essential social data analytical knowledges and skills.
WISESIGHT Consultation

The consulting service is suitable for

Strategic Planner
To identify key drivers and gain actionable insights from consumers’ minds in order to drive your strategic plans and pitching projects to success.
Public Relations Team
To know what attracts your customers’ attention and create an effective public relations execution plan.
Branding & Communication Team
To know your customers’ perception towards your brand.
Media Planner / Buyer
To find out the appropriate online platforms for your campaigns, whether it be social networks or key opinion leaders (KOLs).
Creative / Content Creator
To create the most engaging and consumer-related contents by keeping yourselves up-to-date with the hottest and most real-time trend.
Social Media Management Team
To drive your digital and online strategies and measure your online campaigns with the help of social data.
Marketing Analyst
To understand your current customers and know how you can expand your target audience to find more potential buyers and penetrate a new market.
Product Development Team
To understand your existing product experience and feedback in order to improve its features as well as spotting the opportunity to create new product lines.

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